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"The feeding and support program provided by the Shambhala Center is such a joy to witness. It’s refreshing to see a program providing not only healthy nutritious meals made with love, but one that takes the time to get to know each homeless person’s name and needs and further supports them with clothing, with basic home necessities, and in finding housing and other resources. I feel blessed to be able to make small donations to support this program in my home state and know with real funding support this program can help the city end homelessness as persons feel valued and are lifted up."
Rochelle Rabeler
Attorney, Holland & Hart LLPO
Denver, CO
"The Buddha Maitreya food program delivers wholesome food to hungry street people seven days a week. My wife is part of the weekend food preparation and I have firsthand knowledge of what a worthy program this is."
G Michael Fenner
Professor Emeritus, Creighton University School of Law
Omaha, NE
"The feeding program for homeless people in Omaha, initiated by Buddha Maitreya and the Shambhala Center, is a worthy project that needs our support. I’ve given a modest amount, and hope you can supplement with a much larger grant."
Dr. Mary A. Ferdig
Director, Sustainability Leadership Institute
Omaha, NE
"Thank you Jesus and Tara for this incredible opportunity you’ve given to help you feed the needy of Omaha. When I went distributing the sandwiches last week, people were so grateful to be fed and honored and dignified by you. It was so beautiful. Thank you! I also got the strong impression each time I gave out one of your sandwiches that I was doing a strong Kung fu kick in the kneecaps to satan again and again and again. Thank you Jesus and Tara for healing, clothing, feeding and visiting all of us and for raising us all up to become wise and healthy and loving Shambhala Warriors.

Thank you as well for the haircuts you gave to the three men last week. They were so brave to come in the car with me. They didn’t even know me, and we enjoyed the scenery together on our way to your center. They were offered coffee, water and asked what did they wanted to do first. They all wanted to eat, so Ani Anne got them their sandwich bags right away and they started on that. It was beautiful to see and to see how they relaxed in the loveliness of the center, with such a lovely environment, and we all just sat a while. Another volunteer, Kurt, was there meditating a bit. It was a really good vibe! What was most notable is when I drove the three men back to their residences, the sense of upliftment in the car was so strong it felt like we might have been in a flying car! You gave them wings! I heard them praise and thank God again and again and again, all three of them talking about how good it felt to be blessed by God, especially now when the world can be so cold. They said they felt so much better. The haircuts really helped them feel good about themselves, and their self respect went way way way up. Thank you Jesus and Tara for these miracle men who know and radiate your joy and love."
Danielle Adams
Danielle Adams
Volunteer - Shambhala Feeding the Needy of Omaha Program

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