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Our Mission: Providing Services to the Omaha Homeless/Needy Community

The Buddha Maitreya Omaha Program serves the needy, homeless, and individuals with mental health and other urgent needs in the Omaha area. Our mission is to provide services, resources, and assistance to people in need in the Omaha area including (1) Feeding the Needy, (2) Healing the Needy, (3) Clothing the Needy, and (4) Visiting the Needy. We serve any individual who is in need of assistance. We do not require client applications or sign-in sheets.

The center provides critical support which greatly improves the health of community members in need. The services we provide are vitally important to individuals as they rebuild their lives and recover from the consequences of homelessness and COVID-19, which has misplaced thousands across the world.

Something like a pandemic makes it clear that for a society to be healthy, we need to attend to the health needs of everyone. People who are homeless are disproportionately older and sicker. Many have underlying conditions such as lung disease and diabetes that set them up for disastrous outcomes. The Shambhala Omaha Charity strives to support caring and sharing for our fellow human beings through its humanitarian efforts in the Omaha area.

All of our services greatly enhance people’s health and well-being, along with giving them hope for the future.

Services Provided By Our Program

Our homeless/needy support program includes support, tools, and items that assist individuals who are in need during one of the most difficult times of their lives–a time when they are in need of feeling compassion, comfort, and support in order to be able to successfully rejoin society and the workforce.

Our services fill gaps in the following areas:

  1. Healing the Needy Learn more
  2. Clothing the Needy Learn more
  3. Visiting the Needy Learn more
  4. Feeding the Needy Learn more
Click image below to view videos of Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s Omaha Program.

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