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Healing the Needy

A vital component of the services offered by the Buddha Maitreya Omaha Program is to enhance a person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  The tools we provide at no cost to those in need reduce stress and anxiety and promote inner peace, healing, and well-being. 

We understand that enhanced mental health is of the utmost importance in helping a person integrate into society and the workplace and thrive in joy throughout their lifetime.  Not knowing where they will sleep or when they will eat their next meal is very stressful and contributes to mental illness and depression. After losing jobs, apartments, homes, and most of their belongings, these individuals are in great need of emotional and spiritual support.

The support we provide in this area of focus includes the following:

  • Meditation/blessing music on MP3 players
  • Etheric weaver crystal/magnetic pendants
  • Prayer/blessing cards/bibles
  • Meditation: an invitation to come to the Soul Therapy Center to meditate
  • Haircuts and grooming
  • Transportation to and from these services
  • Personal attention, upliftment, and care
    • By asking the person in need exactly what they need in terms of clothing, shoes, personal items, etc., and ordering new items specifically in their size to fit them.
    • By providing new clothing/requested items within days so their immediate needs are met.

These tools calm, comfort, and heal and are all individual components of a vibrational healing process called “Soul Therapy.”  People are transformed after receiving these services, and their personal self-worth shines through.

We also assist with outreach and referral to the below critical services and are part of Omaha’s continuum of care:  

  • Assistance with applying for housing
  • Primary health care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Psychiatric and counseling services
  • Assistance with obtaining personal identification, licenses, birth certificates, etc.
  • Referrals for jobs and other community services
  • Family and peer support
  • Assistance with applying for travel funds
  • Other community-based services

People especially appreciate receiving a healthy and delicious home-made sack lunch, snack, water, and coffee on a daily basis—which plays an integral part in improving all aspects of health, as a person must be nourished to have any health at all.

Soul Therapy music is unique, transmitting Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s blessing for personal and planetary healing. It develops a spontaneous and transcendental state to enable communication with the Soul, opening up the heart, mind, and emotions and helping the chakras move back into their natural alignment.
His Holiness

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